Feb 28, 2023
Lily The Angel

Once upon a time, there was a little angel named Lily. She lived in the clouds, surrounded by other angels, but she was very shy and often felt alone. Lily had a special gift, though: she could make flowers bloom just by touching them with her little finger.

One night, Lily decided to fly down to Earth to see what it was like. She flew over mountains and oceans, until she reached a little village surrounded by fields of flowers. She saw a little girl sitting alone, crying, and went to her to see if she could help.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lily, landing gently beside the girl.

“I lost my mommy,” said the little girl, wiping her tears away.

Lily touched the girl’s hand with her little finger, and suddenly, a beautiful flower grew out of the ground.

“Whenever you feel sad or alone, touch this flower, and you’ll remember that there’s always someone watching over you,” said Lily.

The little girl smiled and hugged Lily, feeling comforted by her presence. From then on, every time the little girl felt sad or alone, she touched the flower and remembered the little angel who had visited her.

Lily flew back to the clouds, feeling happy that she had helped someone. She realized that her shyness wasn’t a weakness, but a special quality that allowed her to be gentle and kind to others.

And so, Lily continued to fly down to Earth to help those in need, spreading her gift of flowers wherever she went. And every time someone touched one of her flowers, they felt the warmth of the angel who had touched their lives.

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